On the 8th of March, our Epic Entrepreneurs took part in our first 'Coaching Circle', a monthly session where our EPIC entrepreneurs share any challenges they are facing while brainstorming ideas or opportunities that can help structure the best solutions.

Designed to help develop our ventures develop their entrepreneurial mindset to think structurally, our Coaching Circles are structured with a step by step processes which begins with each venture begins with 3 minutes to present their challenge, the ideas they have to solve it, and the future implications (what will happen if the problem is solved or not solved?). The second stage involves peers having the chance to ask questions to help identify the root cause of their challenge, which is then followed by a group discussion to share their ideas and offer advice. 

For our first session, our entrepreneurs discussed a variety of common business challenges, such as getting their first customers, to coming up with the best way to measure impact, and creating valuable partnerships.